FVT3 Spool Installation Instructions

Installing a Bolson Materials FVT3 Spool with an EEPROM is fast and easy.

Click here to download a two page printable (PDF) instruction sheet.

00 - Click here to download the FVT3 spool to FVT canister adaptor, which need to be 3D printed:

    Download FVT-to-FVT3-Adapter-2015-March-31.stl file (blue).

Better instructions and pictures showing the adaptors will be on this web-site soon.

01 - Remove tape (originally silver metal) tape holding canister lid in place and remove lid:



02 - Remove lid:



03 - Extract spent spool and discard. Keep desiccant packs for re-use:



04 - Place spool in canister base such that filament feeds off bottom of spool and straight out of the canister. Keep tension on filament at all times to avoid over rides:



05 - Cut open vacuum packed re-fill spool and stuff desiccant packs back into pockets:



06 - Replace lid on canister.:



07 - Re-tape Canister in three spots or all around, your choice:



08 - Remove EEPROM chip from gray plastic area of cassette, above filament exit, with small Phillips screw driver (save used EEPROMs for $4.00/each credit, return to distributor quarterly for credit). Install new EEPROM chip sent with re-fill spool on the exterior of the canister using key way to locate chip and ensuring that metal pads remain exposed. The EEPROM will be matched to the volume on the spool and to your machine configuration of authorized materials:



09 - Load re-filled canister in your machine