uPrint Spool Installation Instructions

Installing a Bolson Materials uPrint Spool with a Dongle Repair Device (DRD) is fast and easy.

The OEM uPrint dongle is intended to fail (not be resettable) after it is run down to 0%. Our solution is to provide a Dongle Repair Device (DRD)
that allows an old dongle to function as new.

Click here to download a two page printable (PDF) instruction sheet.

00 - Click here to download the UD spool to uPrint carrier adaptors, which need to be 3D printed:

    Download UD-to-uPrint-Adaptor-lower-10mm-pin.stl file (white).

    Download UD-to-uPrint-Adaptor-upper-19mm-pin.stl file (red).

01 - Trim any sprue flash on spool flange:



02 - Cut wound end and remove tape:



03 - Insert lower adaptor. Lower adaptor has a 10mm pin:



04 - Insert upper adaptor. Upper adaptor has a 19mm pin:



05 - With adaptors in place, the spool should spin freely in carrier:



06 - Thread new filament through old dongle:



07 - Reattach dongle with new filament in place:



08 - Rewind slack filament back on to spool:



09 - Ensure Dongle Repair Device (DRD) is correct item for your machine and carefully remove DRD from package:



10 - Remove adhesive tape backing from rear of DRD:



11 - Locate the carrier contact pad for DRD placement:



12 - Apply DRD over contact pads on carrier face. Note the pass-thru hole goes over the upper-right hand pad:



13 - Close lid and reinstall carrier. Machine will read failed dongle as new item: